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10 Things To Consider When Your Child is Diagnosed with Autism

If you are like most people, when your child is first diagnosed with autism you just don’t know where to start.  To help you get started, I have compiled a list of ten things that you need to do first.  Autism is not a “one size fits all” disorder, and there cannot be a complete, definitive list that would apply to all people in all situations.  Most people don’t need that though.  All you need is a little push to get started and gather some momentum.  That’s what this is: a list that will get you started.

  1. Don’t depend on your pediatrician to guide you through the therapy process.
  2. Locate a Developmental Pediatrician in your area while you are starting therapy.
  3. Every state has an Early Intervention Program for children from birth to three years old.  (It’s federally mandated.)
  4. After three years of age, your local school district takes over your child’s care.
  5. You have to become your child’s advocate.  Be persistent!
  6. Start to design an organizational system for all of the paperwork.
  7. Get started with Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapies.  (After that, you can explore alternative approaches.)
  8. Start a personal journal for an outlet to express your feelings.  Do not be afraid to seek medical help for depression.
  9. Locate some support groups in your area or on the Internet.
  10. Start reading books by well-known authors.

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